What is BeWell?

A national mental health initiative that provides the Jewish community with tools, resources, and training to support the mental health and overall well-being of teens and young adults.

What is BeWellATL?

A collaboration with our Atlanta community partners dedicated to promoting the well-being of Jewish young people, age 12-26. We are here to provide support and tools to respond to the growing mental health concerns, as well as resources for parents, caregivers, and Jewish professionals.

What is the goal of BeWellATL?

To destigmatize mental health, raise awareness, educate teens and young adults, and create a comprehensive list of community resources to guide and support mental wellness.

The Roundtable

A collective of community partners dedicated to the same goal: to provide opportunities to network, build partnerships, implement best practices, and collaborate with organizations and providers of mental health social services.

You can help us bridge the gap that often exists between the clinical world and the engagement/education world to address the challenges of the youth mental health crisis and to better support parents and/or educators who want to help.

Meet our team