What is HAMSA?

HAMSA (Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse) provides support, resources, and strategies for those seeking help and in recovery. We are working hard to dispel myths about addiction and eliminate the shame so often felt by those struggling with addiction and their families. Through a Jewish lens, HAMSA offers information and referral services, Narcan education and supply, sober holiday celebrations and gatherings, Jewish Sensitivity Training for treatment providers and expert clinical support.

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HAMSA is excited to share our first ever Passover resource guide: The Seder Through the Lens of Recovery: A New Take on an Old Ritual!

Use as little or as much of what you find in this guide to personalize your Seder - there are no rules! You'll find recovery and personal growth-inspired meditations, readings, discussion questions, and more. You don't have to identify as a person in recovery from an addiction to use these resources, since we can all connect through the shared experience of liberation from that which keeps us "stuck."

We hope you find more meaning and a deeper connection to the Passover story - and yourselves - in these pages. Please print, share, and enjoy!

  1. Services

    Individual and group therapy

    Information & Referral

    Jewish Sensitivity Training for Treatment Providers

    Sober Holiday Celebrations & Community Events

    Meeting Companions

    Narcan Education and Supply

    Speaker’s Bureau

    Make your event inclusive for those in recovery

Addiction in the Jewish Community

A common myth is that the Jewish community does not have problems with drugs or alcohol. The reality is that alcoholism and drug addiction do not discriminate. Roughly 10% of the United States population is affected by addiction and that is no different for members of the Jewish community. This indicates that 10% of the 5.5 million Jews living in the United States are affected by substance abuse issues. HAMSA was started in 2012 to promote an open and honest dialogue about substance abuse within our community and will continue to do so.

“The decision to move from addiction into a life of recovery has a profound impact on an individual. The process can be frightening and overwhelming, and having the proper support is critical. Through HAMSA, we have the opportunity to help those who have been impacted by this disease to find a path out of its darkness. Being a part of this journey is the honor of a lifetime.”— Sally Anderson, MS, LPC

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How We Help

  1. Information and Referral Program

    Information and Referral Program to help families and clients identify the best resources for peer support (meetings and support groups), counseling, inpatient or outpatient treatment, aftercare, recovery residences, or connection with other Jewish people in recovery.

  2. Free Narcan

    Free Narcan (naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal drug) training and distribution.

  3. Sober social events and gatherings

    Sober social events and gatherings including recovery-oriented Jewish holiday celebrations.

  4. Jewish Sensitivity Training

    Jewish Sensitivity Training (JST) for residential and outpatient treatment programs to increase cultural sensitivity to the Jewish experience in treatment and recovery.

  5. Individual and group counseling

    Individual and group counseling is available for children, teens, adults, and families. Assessments are also available to determine the appropriate level of carea through JF&CS Clinicians.

Join us for an upcoming educational or social event geared for those in recovery and their supporters.