Psychoeducational Testing

Why Psychoeducational Testing?

Psychoeducational assessments help us gain an understanding of a child's cognitive, academic, social-emotional and behavioral functioning. They are useful in detecting learning disabilities and/or the presence of ADHD as well as any emotional factors that may be influencing your child's ability to learn to their full potential. Testing also identifies areas of strength and weakness and includes specific recommendations geared to your child's needs at home and at school. These recommendations can be critical tools for helping your child succeed.

What to Expect

The psychologists at JF&CS conduct a comprehensive evaluation that integrates information from parents, teachers and testing data. Classroom observations are also available. All evaluations are tailored to meet the individual needs of the child, so test results are able to provide answers to specific referral questions.

  • Testing - Testing takes place over two days, and each day lasts about 4 to 4 1/2 hours, depending on the child’s age. During that time, we will meet with you to review your child’s background and discuss any concerns you have.
  • Feedback - Once the testing data are analyzed and interpreted, a report is prepared and a feedback session is scheduled.
  • Recommendations - The feedback session is held with the parents to explain results, make recommendations and answer questions. A "child feedback" session is offered for children 6 years and older as a way of providing feedback directly to your child in a developmentally appropriate manner.
Psychoeducational Testing

Testing can help uncover learning challenges and help kids on their learning path.

For many academic, social and emotional concerns, early identification and intervention is key. Benefits of early detection include the ability to make informed decisions regarding academic planning and placement in order to help your child reach his or her potential. Additionally, you can provide your child's schools and teachers with the best information for use in creating positive experiences at school.

Psychoeducational Testing

Our Testing Team

Lauralee Bernstein and Dr. Lori Wilson