Aviv Older Adult Services

Aviv Older Adult Services

Services Provided During Office Closure

Aviv staff will continue to be available by phone, video conference, and email but will no longer provide in-person visits and activities except for visits identified as “essential.” An example of an essential visit to an older adult is when a client is dependent upon one of our staff for services, (no local family, an emergency medical situation, or potential risk posed if unassisted).

However, we are still here to help provide resources, care plans, and support for you and your family.

Call AgeWell at 1-866-AGE-WELL (1.866.243.9355) to find out how we can help.

Aviv Older Adult Services

With both expertise and compassion, Aviv Older Adult Services helps aging individuals and their families navigate life transitions and changing circumstances. Together, we problem-solve to create the most appropriate, unique solutions for each of our clients — while most importantly, respecting their independence.

Whether you are an older adult, a spouse, or an adult family caregiver, we will support you on your journey. Our licensed, clinical and master’s level social workers, geriatric care managers, and resource specialists are here to help.

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Your child can make an older adult smile by making birthday and get-well cards!



Of caregivers report less stress and burden.


Of care recipients in the One Good Deed program have a reduced sense of isolation.


Of older adult refugees feel more adjusted to the country's social norms.


Of Holocaust survivors indicate they feel supported and less stressed.


Of AgeWell Atlanta Neighborhoods members show maintained or increased wellness as a result of their participation.

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