National Recovery Month

August 21, 2023

National Recovery Month

A reported 24 million Americans are living with a substance use disorder. Substance abuse is a complex, long-term illness akin to diabetes or asthma, and is not limited by age, race, socioeconomic status or religious belief. In 2012, JF&CS established its HAMSA (Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse) program to provide support, resources and education for those seeking recovery from substance abuse. Through a Jewish lens, HAMSA works to dispel the myths about addiction and eliminate the shame so often felt by those struggling with addiction and their families.

Program Manager Joel Dworkin leads HAMSA from his own personal experience with addiction and recovery. “I have found, when in the Jewish world, because I speak about my addiction and who I am, it has only benefitted me to be open about it,” said Joel. “That’s not the way it is for everybody, but I want it to be” he said.

Mira’s Story

In the spirit of openness, in September we will be highlighting the recovery story of another member of the JF&CS family, Mira Cohen. Mira started at the agency as a volunteer in our One Good Deed program, eventually coming on staff and evolving into her current role of Senior Manager of Creative Strategy in our Marketing Department. 2023 is an important year for Mira, as it marks her milestone of 10 years in recovery. She too has been supported by our HAMSA program, and knows firsthand that while getting sober is difficult, staying sober has its own set of challenges.

“Getting sober is something I’ve only done once, staying sober is something I’ve learned to do over time, and living in recovery is what I do every day," said Mira. "Alcoholism and addiction are progressive, but so is the recovery process. I’m essentially committed to changing, constantly and consistently, forever.”

We look forward to sharing Mira’s story with you. If you need help with addiction or know someone who does, please reach out to

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