Emergency Financial Aid

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Emergency Financial Aid

Emergency Financial Assistance

JF&CS responds to community needs in a multitude of ways. One of the ways is through our emergency assistance program. The mission of the program is to help people in economic crisis help themselves. We do so with dignity, respect, and confidentiality.

Funds come from a variety of sources

Funds come from a variety of sources with varied forms of eligibility, generally for one-time assistance to help a family or individual regain self-sufficiency. The following are central questions that will be considered:

  • Is the individual willing to move toward self-sufficiency?
  • Does the individual already have a realistic plan?
  • Will providing assistance help move the individual to realize the plan?

Urgent Financial Assistance

JF&CS has a well-established urgent financial assistance protocol designed to provide timely, accurate and consistent response to people in need.

All relevant departments at JF&CS work together to assist. For example, those who are work-ready and in need of employment assistance are referred to a JF&CS career counselor, a workshop series and/or the job developer. Others may benefit from clinical counseling services.

In some instances, the individual is better served in ways that do not involve the direct expenditure of funds. This may involve a referral to another community organization, such as a program that serves the homeless, Consumer Credit Counseling Services or substance abuse rehabilitation.

Getting Help

When funds are available, all callers first receive a basic telephone screening. If they are eligible for services, they are asked to provide documentation substantiating their needs, such as an overdue utility bill or cut-off notice, a lease or mortgage statement, social security card and government issued photo identification.

In addition to assisting with an immediate need, the staff member will help to connect the individual to other community programs and resources.