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The PAL Program

PAL, Atlanta’s only Jewish Big Brother/Big Sister Program

Many of us remember a mentor. A friend. Someone who listened. Someone who cared. As adults, we can look back and see how we were influenced by a few special someones. People who showed us new worlds and brought a little magic into our lives.

Developing these types of relationships is the purpose of PAL - a program at Jewish Family & Career Services designed to make a difference in the lives of children and families. PAL helps support the family unit by offering one-on-one mentor relationships for children who could use some extra time with a trusted adult.

Many families can benefit from a positive role model and friend to help the children in their care. PAL serves a diverse range of scenarios, such as:

- Single-parent households

- Military families

- Children raised by guardians other than their parents

- Siblings of children with developmental disabilities

PAL provides activities that are fun, diverse and low-cost or free, which allows an opportunity to try and learn new things.

The PAL Program

Who Are Little PALS?

Little PALS are Jewish children between the ages of 5 and 17 who could benefit from a Jewish adult mentor.

Who Are Big Pals?

A Big Pal is a caring, Jewish, adult volunteer who mentors a child to help him/her grow and develop in new ways. The fun, unconditional friendship that develops between a Big PAL and a Little PAL builds confidence, self-esteem and a Jewish identity. You can make a difference and make a friend you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

National studies have shown that mentoring programs can help enrich the lives of children and strengthen their families. These benefits include improving grades, feeling greater success and accomplishment, engaging in safer behavior and forming stronger relationships. Participation in PAL enhances the lives of children, families and volunteers.

The PAL Program Supports Families by Matching Children With Caring Young Professionals

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Contact our PAL Coordinator, Andrea Appel, at or at 770.677.9390 to learn more.