Shalom Bayit

Increasing Your Safety

Education, Awareness and Social Change Are Key to Increasing Your Safety

Prevention and outreach programs about domestic violence, dating violence, and healthy relationships are tailored to your particular group and include programs which emphasize Jewish content.

"Not So Happily Ever After… The very real stories of some American Jewish families” is a powerful dramatic presentation based on true stories of Jewish individuals who have been abused. Created by Mira Hirsch for the Shalom Bayit Program.

Educational programs on healthy relationships and dating violence for teens and young adults

Clothesline Project: Women who have been victims of domestic violence design t-shirts as part of the healing process and to express personal experiences of violence. Available for display.

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Consider These Ways to Increase Your Safety

How to Help Increase Your Own Safety

Tell others you trust about the abuse

Memorize emergency phone numbers

Keep a cell phone with you at all times

Have an escape plan and a destination

Talk to your children about what to do if they are afraid

Pack an emergency bag, including important documents

Avoid staying alone

Vary your routine

Technology safety

Trust your instincts

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How to help someone in an abusive relationship

Believe the person

Listen non-judgmentally and resist blaming the victim

Acknowledge the courage it takes to talk about the abuse

Encourage the victim to develop a safety plan, whether staying or leaving the relationship

Make referrals