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One Good Deed

One Good Deed Friendly Visitor Program

Since 2006, One Good Deed (OGD) has carefully matched more than 400 older adults with community volunteers. These friendly visitors bring companionship and joy to seniors in our community. Our mission is to reduce loneliness, help older adults maintain their independence, and remain in their own homes.

Friendship & Fun with One Good Deed

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How One Good Deed Can Help

OGD carefully matches care recipients with a community volunteer who makes a one-year commitment to visit twice a month. Volunteers provide support by helping their recipient accomplish tasks such as running errands, shopping excursions, cooking a meal together, or simply enjoying an afternoon out. In undertaking these essential tasks together, volunteers act as social supports providing care recipients with companionship, encouragement and long lasting friendship.

Volunteer Commitment

What does it take to be a OGD volunteer?

1. One Good Deed matches volunteers over the ages of 21 with an older adult who is living independently but could benefit from some friendly companionship and support.
2. Volunteers visit with their older adult for a minimum of 2 hours at a time and at least twice a month
3. Volunteers help their older friend with simple tasks creating a bond that impacts both the volunteer and their older adult in ways that can't be measured!

Help for Family Caregivers and Friends

If you have a loved one who is older than 60 and lives independently but is aging in place and in need of some companionship and support, One Good Deed volunteers can help support your loved one and you.

One Good Deed will visit with the family caregiver and the older adult in their home to determine if a volunteer may be able to provide some support. To begin, please fill out the Family Caregiver Application.

Older Adults Looking For Friendly Visitor Support

If you are older than 60 and live independently, but would enjoy a friendly companion, One Good Deed volunteers can help!

One Good Deed

Vivienne Kurland and Sharon Spiegelman

One Good Deed Program and Volunteer Manager

Vivienne Kurland

Vivienne Kurland has been making matches between volunteers and older adults at One Good Deed since 2013. Vivienne helps recruit and manage an average of over 90 volunteers and their older adult matches monthly. Sharon (Program Manager and cofounder of One Good Deed) and Vivienne work very well together visiting older adults in their homes and meeting every potential new volunteer to facilitate and maintain the ongoing matches and make new matches monthly.

Since One Good Deed joined JF&CS in 2016, Vivienne has appreciated the value of working closely with the Aviv Team of Clinicians, Case Managers and Social Workers. The collaborative work with the Aviv Team and the support and infrastructure of a large and caring agency, has enabled Vivienne and Sharon to reach a larger service area, making friendly visitor and companion matches that continue to change the quality of life for older adults, their families and the volunteers!

“Without the valuable time of our volunteers, we would not be able to impact the lives of the amazing older adults we serve. Some of our volunteers have been with the same OGD friend for over 5-7 years, and feel like family! How lucky am I to be able to make those kinds of connections and hear these stories of friendship and gratitude every day?!”

Sharon Spiegelman

Since its inception in 2005, Sharon Spiegelman has been instrumental in establishing One Good Deed, and has worked for the past 11 years nurturing and growing it from a small grass roots organization to a thriving community resource. Under Sharon’s leadership, OGD matches volunteers with older adults with the goal of enhancing quality of life for both them and their families, alleviating loneliness with regular friendly visits.

In 2019, Sharon won the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta's Max and Mary London People Power Award for her work in creating the One Good Deed program.
In addition to overseeing the program, Sharon directs fundraising, marketing, the advisory committee and reporting for the program. Sharon has established a high standard for making the “perfect” match including meeting and interviewing each recipient and volunteer to determine their unique needs and personality. She also makes much-needed referrals, utilizing knowledge of community resources to help older adults remain in their own home by addressing safety, health and other well-being issues.
Her professional and nonprofit experience includes years in customer service, real estate and volunteer activities, that along with life experience, provide her with both knowledge and an empathetic perspective in making the program most effective.

“I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of older adults – one match at a time. I love learning from their wisdom and experience and touching as many lives as I can.”

Call 770.677.9489 to learn more or apply now!

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