Memory Support

Music & Memory

Most of us know what it feels like to hear a song from a significant time in our lives and suddenly feel as though we are whisked back to those special days. Because music is stored in many areas of the brain connected to the long-term memory, music that has personal significance helps engage people, including individuals with dementia experiencing changes in memory.

Music is a basic part of what makes us human.

Based on the documentary Alive Inside, Music & Memory provides people with dementia or other cognitive impairments with personalized music programs tailored to their preferences and era.

This program is intended to improve quality of life for themselves and their loved ones, even as memory fails.

Music has the power to make us feel happier, more social, less anxious, and helps us enjoy life. By calming the brain and replacing confusion with familiar melodies, people with dementia may feel soothed as they listen to music associated with fond memories from the past.

Caregivers and staff are provided with instant respite knowing the older adult are happy, peaceful, and safely occupied by their music and memories.

Music & Memory

Music can boost morale.

How Does Music & Memory Help?

*Participants are happier and more social.

*Relationships among participants and family members deepen.

*Everyone benefits from a calmer, more supportive social environment.

*Staff experience a boost of morale, and are able to provide more person-centered care.

*Caregivers regain valuable time previously lost to managing difficult behaviors.

*Professionals can reduce their reliance on antipsychotic, anti-depressant, and anti-anxiety medications.