Rebecca’s Story

July 01, 2021

Rebecca’s Story

JF&CS Gave Me My Son Back

Last summer, my nine-year-old son became moody, withdrawn, and depressed after months of quarantine and social isolation. He was used to filling his days with basketball practice, karate, and other team sports, but everything was closed due to Covid. No camp. No friends.

I have an auto immune illness, so I was especially concerned about catching the virus.

A single mom of two, I had struggled to continue to do my job remotely, help both of my children continue their virtual studies and provide emotional support to my aging mother in her senior living home, while I couldn’t visit her.

A month later, my job in human resources was eliminated. I didn’t know how I was going to feed my family or get my son back to his happy self again.

I was feeling truly hopeless.

A friend told me to call JF&CS. I am so glad they did.

Soon, we had a new child therapist who helped my son in ways that I couldn't. She gave him exercises to help with his anxiety and worked with him on several issues that were worrying him. Within a few weeks, I could see a big change in him.

JF&CS smoothed away my worries of feeding my family, by providing nutritious groceries from their Kosher Food Pantry. My kids also really loved the matzah ball soup and fresh fruit!

They also provided financial assistance to help pay my rent for a few months, until I could get back on my feet. I received help from Careers Services to update my resume, job search, and interview skills, and soon landed a new remote position in human resources.

I never felt alone.

Knowing JF&CS was there for me, gave me the strength to keep going, and got me through the worst of the Pandemic.

Now that I can go visit my mom again, I have also gotten her into JF&CS services. She has started joining AgeWell classes online!

Rebecca's family is just one of the many families we've helped through the Pandemic. But many more continue to need our help. We must be able to respond and can only do so with your support.

Change starts with you. Join us.