JF&CS Staff Are 100% Vaccinated

September 23, 2021

JF&CS Staff Are 100% Vaccinated

JF&CS and the Ben Massell Dental Clinic have announced that all staff have been fully vaccinated as of August 27.

“As a health and human services agency, we felt it was essential for all of our staff to do what we can to keep our community healthy and stop the spread of this disease. This includes mandating vaccinations and mask wearing for all of our staff. Fortunately, our staff embraced the mandate, and now we are all 100% vaccinated. In addition, we have been able to provide vaccine clinics and weekly testing at our Dunwoody office and the Ben Massell Dental Clinic,” said Terri Bonoff, CEO of Jewish Family & Career Services.

Melissa DaSilva, Managing Director of the Ben Massell Dental Clinic and Director of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services took on an additional role as health and safety officer during the pandemic and was instrumental in leading the charge to get all staff vaccinated said, “It is an honor and frankly great relief to be part of an agency that is taking the lead to fight the spread of COVID-19.”

We thank our senior leadership for guiding the agency to this goal, and most of all to our staff for making healthy decisions.

All staff, guests, and vendors must wear masks while inside the building.