Frances Bunzl Clinical Services Rises to the Challenge

January 19, 2022

Frances Bunzl Clinical Services Rises to the Challenge

By JF&CS Marketing

Months before the pandemic began, JF&CS leadership recognized the dire need to hire more child and adolescent clinicians. Once COVID hit, youth mental health needs skyrocketed in our community and across the country. Sadly, according to the 2021 Mental Health America report, Georgia ranks 48/50 states in providing access to mental health.

Frances Bunzl Clinical Services has been working hard to hire new caring, specialized therapists, many for the new Horwitz-Zusman Child & Family Center who will help children and teens facing mental health issues.

We have already expanded to include:

  • parent coaching
  • early childhood therapy
  • executive functioning coaching
  • Stepping Stones program for families with young children

We are excited to welcome four new clinicians:

Cari Newman, Parent Coach

Nachman Friedman, MS, Child & Adolescent therapist

Michelle Jacobs, LCSW, Child & Adolescent therapist

Megan Roberson, who will work with older adults and families

We also welcomed Sherri Cauthen within the last 6 months, who works with young children, and started the Stepping Stones Early Child program.

"Our goal is to bring a modern approach to our clinical services, bringing additional and often overlooked resources together enlisting families, schools, and community resources as part of our team," said Benjamin Robinson, Director of Frances Bunzl Clinical Services.

At the Horwitz-Zusman Child & Family Center, the child truly is at the center of everything we do. When a parent comes in to discuss his/her child's challenges with school or behavior, there is usually more that is needed than therapy. For example, the child may suffer from an undiagnosed learning disability and could benefit from a psycho-educational assessment. Additionally, the parent may gain peace of mind from parent coaching to help manage behavior at home. Once a diagnosis has been completed, the parents may need help navigating the Georgia system and securing an IEP (individualized education plan). The child can also be served with counseling and an executive functioning coach.

JF&CS wants to rise to the challenge this pandemic has caused on the mental health of our children and youth. We will continue to add professionals that bring unique and invaluable skills to our team — in addition to those already added — and will promote those as they become available. To learn more about the Horwitz-Zusman Child & Family Center, click below.

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