Emergency Assistance Eases Client's Covid Recovery

February 08, 2021

Emergency Assistance Eases Client's Covid Recovery

It can be difficult to ask for help, especially if you’ve never had to ask for it before. There is a stigma that surrounds asking for help which causes many people to struggle with knowing when they should reach out for a lifeline.

One JF&CS client experienced this dilemma first-hand and is eternally grateful for the assistance he received when he needed it most. He has always enjoyed helping others anytime he can and has donated to many charities, including JF&CS, throughout their life. After spending a few weeks in the hospital with COVID-19 and a few more weeks in assisted living, he was urged by a family member to reach out to the Emergency Assistance Program at JF&CS. The financial assistance provided by JF&CS helped to ease the client’s stress and, therefore, helped his recovery.

“I want to express my sincere appreciation and immense gratitude to you, and everyone involved who have helped me, and most of all, how quickly this all happened!”

Since the start of the pandemic, JF&CS has distributed more than $650,000 to Atlanta residents to help pay rent, mortgages, utility bills, and other needs. We are happy to be able to help the community during this challenging time, and are thankful to our donors and community funders for their assistance.

Knowing from experience the profound impact that emergency assistance can have on the life of someone in need makes the ability to donate even more meaningful. If he finds himself in a position to help again, this client plans to make another donation to JF&CS in the future with the hopes that his contribution could bring an overwhelmingly positive impact to someone else’s life.

If you know someone who needs emergency financial assistance, please share this link with them: https://jfcsatl.org/services/support-services/emergency-financial-aid