Chaplaincy Program Stays In Touch with Our Jewish Seniors

July 22, 2020

Chaplaincy Program Stays In Touch with Our Jewish Seniors

As we live through the Covid-19 pandemic, each of us has been affected by changes in how we live and interact with others. As you would imagine, the daily activities of the Chaplaincy program have also changed. Together with our Community Chaplain, Rabbi Judith Beiner, our dedicated volunteers have been unable to visit Jewish seniors in care facilities or patients in hospitals, so we’ve had to transition how we continue to connect to our constituents in their isolation.

Thank goodness for the telephone! Together with our JF&CS One Good Deed volunteers, our Bikkur cholim group are connecting with seniors to offer connection and reassurance. As the pandemic wears on, not being able to visit in person is becoming increasingly difficult, yet the phone calls are a lifeline for everyone.

Volunteers deeply sympathize with the isolation and sadness that the elders are experiencing. Instead of monthly or bi-monthly visits, phone calls are taking place once or twice a week, providing the opportunity to deepen relationships. Our Bikkur Cholim Volunteers have become even more crucial in providing reassurance and hope that at some future time we will gather together in person!

Until then, we will continue to do everything possible to spread a little Jewish sunshine in our community.