Focus Workshop Series

Focus Workshop Series

2024 Focus Workshops

Suicide Prevention Awareness with Rabbi Hammer of Gila’s Way (April 19th)

Join Rebecca Brown, LCSW, BeWellATL Manager, for an intimate conversation with Rabbi Hammer of Gila’s Way about teen suicide. Rabbi Hammer reflects upon tragic loss and how promoting suicide prevention offers him perspective.

Presenter Bios

Ask The Coach (January 19th)

We spent a virtual hour with Cari Newman, Certified Parent Coach, while she answered your questions about parenting.

2023 Focus Workshops

Women Under Pressure: Strategies for Stress & Anxiety (November 17th)

Rebecca Brown, LCSW, BeWellATL Manager, and Sarah French, LCSW, speak about the various anxieties and stressors women experience and some useful strategies for conquering them.

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Q&A Focus Workshop (May 12th, 2023)

Featuring Dr. Marlena Reese, Executive Functioning Coach; Cari Newman, Certified Parent Coach; and Jaime Stepansky, LCSW.

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Girls Under Pressure (April 21, 2023)

Rebecca Brown, LCSW, Cari Newman, MAT, Certified Parent Coach, and Jaime Stepansky, LCSW, RPT help us look at how social media, the pressure to achieve, and body image focus is impacting our girls, and what to do about it.

Tough Conversations with Teens About Substance Use (March 17, 2023)

Cari Newman, Parent Coach, discusses the importance of talking about substance use and shares ways to increase communication and connection between parents and teens.

A Co-Parenting Guide (February 17, 2023)

Our speakers, Ina Enoch, PhD and Ellen Zucrow, LCSW shared their thoughts on the 3 types of co-parenting, developing a co-parenting plan, and managing expectations for yourself & your child.

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ADHD: A Closer Look (January 20, 2023)

Our Speakers, Dr. Howard Schub, Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Marlena Reese, Executive Functioning Coach, and Cari Newman, Certified Parent Coach shared their thoughts about how the Horwitz-Zusman Child & Family Center can support children with ADHD and their families.

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Managing Family Stress Around the Holidays (November 18, 2022)

Rabbi Judith Beiner, JF&CS Community Chaplain, and Joel Dworkin, HAMSA Program Manager, share their thoughts on some common causes for stress around the holidays, and tips/suggestions on how to mitigate it.

Jewish Family & Career Services presents: Healthy Teen Relationships (September 16th 2022)

This webinar helped parents identify healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, increase awareness of dating violence, gain knowledge and skills to recognize warning signs of abuse, and intervene effectively when it occurs.

Parents learned to facilitate discussions with their teen about healthy relationships and teen dating violence.

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Tantrums & Meltdowns: A Survival Guide for Parents (October 21st 2022)

This webinar provided a closer look at the anatomy of a tantrum, the root causes, and ways to guide your child through it. This workshop offered parents tools for monitoring and managing their own emotion regulation, and practical solutions for diffusing meltdowns in toddlers to teens. Our clinicians also offered resources and insight into when it may be time to seek outside help.

A special thank you to our speakers Cari Newman, Certified Parent Coach, and Miranda Barzey, LAPC, for this sucessful presentation.

Jewish Family & Career Services presents: Building Executive Functioning Skills at Home (August 19th 2022)

The beginning of a new school year creates excitement, curiosity, and concern for parents and teens. It can also provide an opportunity to review successes and struggles from the previous school year, and to experiment with new strategies and routines. Dr. Lori Wilson provided strategies to help you partner with your student to build executive functioning skills this school year.

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