Terri Bonoff Joins JDAM Webinar

March 10, 2021

Terri Bonoff Joins JDAM Webinar

In the midst of fun ice breakers, good music and even better conversation during a Jewish Disabilities Advocacy Month Webinar in February, Terri Bonoff, CEO of JF&CS Atlanta, shared some wonderful words about the JF&CS family and advocates in our community.

What has gotten Terri through the pandemic?

“The community of JF&CS and that family where we all know that we aren’t alone. We have a purpose greater than any one of us and that is to care for those entrusted in our community, whether it be adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live in the homes, whether it be the Independence Works residents who are now in their own homes, the people we’re serving with mental health challenges … We all have a mission that is bigger than any one of us and I’ve just watched everybody step outside their own concern for themselves during this time and come together to serve the community … and that’s what’s gotten me through [the pandemic].”

Do you have any words for our advocates on this call?

“[Advocates] are doing a fantastic job. I think that in Georgia, you are very united and you have a strong voice, and because your voice is so strong, you’re making a difference. “

Terri explained that when she was trying to talk to elected officials about getting JF&CS IDDS clients in the homes the vaccination, she was able to get those clients counted as necessary recipients of the vaccine because of the strong voices of advocates.

Thanks to the crucial work of advocates in our community, we can focus on amplifying their voices while practicing and spreading inclusion and acceptance throughout our communities.

JF&CS works to ensure our Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities clients feel supported every day. Learn more about the IDD Services we offer by visiting our website at https://jfcsatl.org/services/disabilities-services