Services Available for JF&CS Clients During Office Closure


March 23, 2020

Services Available for JF&CS Clients During Office Closure

JF&CS is continuing our important work for the community. While our Dunwoody campus, Cobb Office, and Ben Massell Dental clinic downtown are physically closed, we are continuing to provide services through virtual platforms, as well as emergency needs (Kosher Food and Household Pantry).

Here is a list of available services during the pandemic.


Telehealth options are available for current and new clients. If you have a planned appointment, please contact your clinician at your scheduled appointment time to have a session over the phone or video conference by computer. Participants in support groups can participate through our telehealth options. Please contact your group leader.

For more info about our therapy services or to make a telehealth appointment, email or call us at: | 770.677.9474


Our Aviv staff is available by phone, video conference, and email, but will no longer provide in-person visits and activities except for visits identified as “essential.” Ex. no local family, medical emergency, etc.

In addition to supporting callers with Information & Referrals, AgeWell is also providing telephone reassurance calls to older adults, as well as Kosher Food Pantry pickup and delivery services. Call us at: 1.866.AGEWELL (1.866.243.9355)


We are currently serving our Community Access Group clients by phone and video conference to keep social connections, even though the building has closed. The Supported Employment Program is operating and supporting clients, families, and employer partners virtually. We are also continuing to serve our clients in the Independent Living Program.

Please find contact information for the above I/DDS programs and more at our website:


All Career workshops will be conducted virtually until further notice. Career coaching will be available
over the phone, by appointment.

To set up an appointment, or for any questions regarding Career Services, email or call Shelley Miller at: | 770.677.9311



Rabbi Beiner, JF&CS Chaplain is available to provide spiritual care, comfort, and support for the community. Call or email Rabbi Beiner at: 770.677.9352 |


The Kosher Food Pantry will continue to operate during the following select days/times: M/W/F 11a.m. - 2p.m. After making an appointment to pick up food or household supplies at our Dunwoody campus, please note: we will bring the food and/or household supplies outside to you. Delivery available. To make an appointment to pick up food or household supplies, call us at: 770.677.9389


In these troubling times, many more people in our community will be in need due to lost wages, isolation, and distress. For emergency financial assistance, call us at: 770.677.9389


All dental services are suspended at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic until further notice. However, Case Management services are still available.

For more information about case management, or any BMDC questions, call us at: 404.881.1858

We are planning to update this page with the latest information regarding our services, office hours, and best contact information. This information may change at any time. We encourage you to check back to this page regularly, if you have ongoing need for JF&CS services.




Dear friends,

We are in week two of the JF&CS COVID-19 response. This is a scary time for all. We are responding to the increased demand for services with swift and compassionate action. We have heard from many with offers to help. We are assessing the needs and will join together to meet the dynamic needs as health and safety allow.

Thank you to JFGA for convening The Jewish Atlanta Emergency Relief Fund. They wisely knew that we are stronger together. Please watch for ways to support the relief efforts!

Read below to get a sense of what’s happening. Let us know if we can help. Take a minute to watch the video below and breathe with Tzipporah.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace of mind and most importantly, good health.




Dear Friends,

As the COVID-19 landscape continues to change, and with the hope of containing the virus, many schools, businesses, and sporting leagues have suspended their normal activities.

The JF&CS Dunwoody campus, Cobb Office, and the Ben Massell Dental Clinic downtown will be closed starting Monday, March 16 until further notice.

Clients and families in the community, please know that WE ARE NOT STOPPING OUR WORK!! Our services are needed now more than ever. We expect the demand to be far greater in these trying times.

As a community, you are rightly anxious and uncertain. Some of you may find yourselves in need of emergency assistance for the first time. The need is great, and we are here to help.

At JF&CS, we will adhere to our standard of excellence during this time. We will rise to the occasion. We will take care of our clients and take care of each other.

We have updated our website with current information and more ways than ever to get the help you need – and give the help that is most needed right now.

I encourage you to bookmark our website and view it regularly.

Sending prayers for good health for you and those you love. May G-d bless us all.

Shabbat Shalom,




Dear Friends,

At a time when many of us are dealing with anxiety around coronavirus health concerns, we’re here to help.

JF&CS is continuing to serve the needs of our clients. We understand that there may be a time when in-person services are not preferred. We are ready! We are stepping up to provide Telehealth options for current and new clients to receive mental health and older adult services if they do not want to leave their home. The agency is working to provide nonstop service to our clients when therapy and support may be needed most.

Clients can call their clinician, case manager, or geriatric care manager at their scheduled appointment time and have a session over the phone or video conference by computer. Participants in support groups will also have Telehealth options available.

  • Clinical Services clients call: (770) 677-9474
  • Aviv Older Adult Services clients call: 1.866.AGE.WELL.
  • Emergency Financial and Food Assistance call: (770) 677-9389.
  • Transportation services call: 770.677.9339

Transportation services will continue to be provided to our older adults and adults with developmental disabilities.

We are complying with CDC best practice recommendations to ensure a safe and sanitized transportation experience.

The high-quality service provided by JF&CS is made possible by the extraordinary commitment of our staff, volunteers and lay leaders. Thank you to all who are continuing to serve as our partners during this time of uncertainty. Volunteers are needed now more than ever.

In good health,

Terri Bonoff
Chief Executive Officer
Jewish Family & Career Services of Atlanta |