Need a Mitzvah Project? We've got you covered!

December 06, 2022

Need a Mitzvah Project? We've got you covered!

Do you have a child with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah coming up? Among all the party planning, torah learning, and montage making, it is also expected for your child to do a mitzvah project. Some kids may have an idea of what they want their mitzvah project to be. Other kids may find it difficult to figure out what they can do to help. JF&CS has lots of options for kids to create a mitzvah project. From helping older adults by creating treat bags or celebration cards, to collecting food for the JF&CS Food Pantry, to raising money for Ukrainian evacuees, there are many options for your child to choose from.

"JF&CS has a variety of service areas and causes, so there is a meaningful mitzvah project for everyone," said Megan Koziel, Volunteer Services Coordinator.

"Whether it's combatting food insecurity and older adult isolation to supporting youth mental health and raising program funds, students can make a difference in the Atlanta community by partnering with JF&CS. The project menu is often just a starting point. We can work collaboratively with a student to develop a mitzvah project that aligns with their interests, availability, and JF&CS's needs," she said.

For a creative and artsy kid, they can make beautiful cards for older adults or JF&CS clients in the hospital. They can also collect art supplies and create a portfolio of projects for The Artist Collective, which serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) by providing them with a therapeutic outlet. They can also create themed celebration or baking kits for clients and staff at the Zimmerman-Horowitz Independent Living Program (Z-H ILP). Our clients love to bake! Think: Hot chocolate bombs, brownie mixes and more!

They can make gift bags or favors for Holocaust Survivors attending the monthly Café Europa luncheon, assemble dental hygiene kits or collect toiletries for BMDC patients. They can also create or collect resources and games that clients accessing mental health services can use during or outside of sessions (i.e. slime ingredient kits, make calm down boxes, fidget and sensory items).

For a b'nai mitzvah student who is into music, they can purchase and donate an MP3 player, headphones, and iTunes gift cards to provide the gift of music to an older adult with dementia in our Music & Memory program. When clients hear music from their past, it can provide them with joy and peace listening to familiar tunes.

Other fun projects include creating birthday kits with non-perishable treats and décor to help Food Pantry clients celebrate their milestones, or collecting Kroger/Publix/Gas gift cards for JF&CS clients in need.

And don't forget our Renterpieces! Start your simcha with a mitzvah and add Bimah Baskets or rented centerpieces to your synagogue or temple's decor. All proceeds benefit the Kosher Food Pantry.

For a full list of projects, visit here or contact Megan Koziel, Volunteer Services Coordinator at to discuss which project might work best for your mitzvah child.

Mazel tov!