Mental Health Awareness Month Resources

May 10, 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month Resources

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and here at JF&CS, we are working to provide additional resources for our community.

We provide guidance and support for all ages. We offer counseling for children, teens, and families in the Horwitz-Zusman Child & Family Center. We offer both individual and group therapies across a broad spectrum of issues – from divorce and bereavement to anxiety and depression. Our goal is to support and enhance the emotional well-being of our clients as they navigate life’s challenges.

JF&CS kicked off Mental Health Awareness Month early with our 6th Mental Health Series webinar April 29th, Interrupting the Cycle of Perfectionism in Girls, presented by Rebecca Brown, LCSW, Jaime Stepansky, LCSW, and Cari Newman, Parent Coach.

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We are excited to announce Dr. Howard Schub, M.D. has joined the Horwitz-Zusman Child and Family Center. Dr. Schub is a child neurologist who has practiced in Atlanta since the 1980s. Dr. Schub is pleased to provide an integral medical component to the expanding evaluation and treatment programs at the Horowitz-Zusman Child and Family Center of JF&CS. We also plan to welcome another testing child psychologist next month.

Parenting Coach Helps The Whole Family

Our clinicians are continuing to see a rise in mental health challenges in young children and teens as the result of the pandemic. In turn, these issues can affect the whole family!

After meeting with Cari Newman for only a month, Rachel, parent of three young kids said she felt so much more in control.

"She really validated my parenting style, and what I was doing. She worked with my husband and I to get us on the same page, and gave us helpful extra tools for our toolbox," she said.

If you are needing additional support with your family, please contact Cari Newman, parent coach.

Support Groups

JF&CS offers many therapy groups to assist individuals with a variety of challenges.

Gathering The Shards: A therapy group for those in the Jewish community who have experienced the loss of a child, grandchild, or sibling to suicide.

From Acceptance to Celebration: For parents or a caregiver of someone who identifies as trans, non-binary, or gender expansive. This group is a safe space where loving caregivers can process emotions, ask questions, and learn with others.

Uncoupling: A bi-monthly group providing support and resources, and a safe place to process and share experiences related to divorce and separation. Open to men and women of mixed ages.

Estrangement Support Group: This group is intended for those experiencing longstanding estrangements from family members. Group meetings will focus on processing and supporting one another.

HAMSA: Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse

For more mental health resources, visit our Clinical Services Instagram Page, and sign up for our Feel Better Letter.

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