Mental Health Series

Mental Health Series

October 22, 2021

Mental Health Series Event #4: Nurturing and Repairing Parent-Teen Relationships

Topics included:
- Recognizing signs and symptoms of depression, suicide and trauma in adolescence
- Skills and philosophies to help guide parents through difficult moments when their children struggle emotionally
- How to provide a secure base for your child

Guy Diamond, Ph.D., the developer of Attachment-Based Family Therapy for Suicide Prevention (ABFT-SP), is a leading expert in adolescent and family psychotherapy.

August 20, 2021

Mental Health Series Event #3: Don't Just Survive, Thrive!

Our licensed child therapists – Ula Zusman, APC, NCC, and Ina Enoch, Ph.D. – shared Tips & Strategies for parents to support their children’s resilience and successful re-entry back to school.

Topics included:
- What kids are anxious about
- Ways for parents to manage their own anxiety
- Signs of anxiety — what to watch for

If you are a parent, or know one, and you or your child are feeling uncertainty about returning to school this Fall, this webinar is for you!

In May, Mental Health Series Event #1 featured a live interview with HBO's Gary Gulman of 'The Great Depresh.' He gave us a humorous yet candid view of his personal struggle with depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Series Event #2 in June featured David & Nic Sheff, NY Times best-selling authors, and their journey through teen mental health issues, substance abuse, and recovery.