JF&CS Stands With Israel

October 10, 2023

JF&CS Stands With Israel

When the nation of Israel is victim to violence, the effects are far-reaching and deeply personal to every Jewish person worldwide. The events this week are bringing up a complex mix of emotions among the Jewish diaspora, triggering past trauma and causing new levels of grief.

The emotional and mental health needs of our Atlanta Jewish community are front-of-mind for us at JF&CS, and we are here to help. In context of the long history of violence and persecution against the Jewish people, it is particularly important that we prioritize the mental health of our community in the coming days and weeks. The situation in Israel uniquely affects the Jewish community, and our clinicians understand the nuance and complexity of this. Call 770.677.9399, text 678.460.9018, or email israelsupport@jfcsatl.org and we will connect you with our clinical staff.

Additionally, we have provided some national and community resources on our website such as mental health & crisis hotlines, and social and emotional learning resources. If you need assistance talking to, or comforting, your child about this traumatic event, we have links to several guides. We will continually update the resource page with pertinent information to help you navigate this difficult time.

Now and as always, JF&CS unequivocally stands with the people of Israel.

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