Providing Layers of Support for Older Adults

June 02, 2021

Providing Layers of Support for Older Adults

Mrs. Rebecca Greene* is a 90 year old Jewish older adult who called Federation looking for help for assistance paying her rent. She was referred to William Lane, LMSW, at Jewish Family & Career Services Emergency Assistance. Lane helped Mrs. Greene to receive assistance with paying two months rent. Realizing Greene had additional needs, Lane referred her to JF&CS Geriatric Care Manager, Mandy Rappoport, who arranged a care plan for her. Mandy then referred the client to AgeWell Atlanta Neighborhoods (AgeWell Atlanta) for medical equipment and virtual activities, One Good Deed (a program of Aviv Older Adult Services), and The JF&CS Kosher Food Pantry.

Ashely Maloy at AgeWell Neighborhoods arranged for her to have a shower bench paid for and delivered to her home and she received the AgeWell Neighborhoods programming schedule. Mrs. Greene also received food deliveries from the JF&CS Kosher Food Pantry.

One Good Deed was able to match Mrs. Greene with a wonderful volunteer so she had weekly contact with a friendly caller. Mrs. Greene's amazing volunteer, Gwen, helped arrange for Mrs. Greene to get her vaccination within the first week of their match. Publix was able to hold a vaccine for her at Gwen's request, and Mrs. Greene drove right over and got it done!

"My One Good Deed volunteer is absolutely amazing! I don't know how she was able to get me my vaccination! I am also so grateful for the amount and quality of the food I have received from the food pantry,” said Greene.

One Good Deed also referred her to Jean Cohen of JF&CS’ new Home Share Program to see if she is eligible for the program after the two months of financial assistance rent aid is spent. She is now on a list as a potential Home Share provider.

“I think it's a powerful example of helping one client at a time with the coordinated services of our entire agency and the help of community donations,” said Deborah Zisholtz, Director of Aviv Older Adult Services.

To learn more about AgeWell Atlanta, please call 1.866.AGEWELL or visit AgeWell's website.

*name has been changed.