Community Helps Food Pantry Fill Tables

December 04, 2023

Community Helps Food Pantry Fill Tables

The Kosher Food Pantry relies on the generosity of our community partners to continue fighting food insecurity. In recent years during the pandemic, and in recent months with rising inflation, the community has stepped up in big and inspiring ways.

“The Kosher Food Pantry is an important resource for many people in our community,” said Food Pantry Manager Gabe Fleming. “The investments of individuals and local businesses ensure that the Food Pantry continues to be a viable resource.”

We asked one of those local businesses, The Spicy Peach Kosher Grocery, why they choose to support the Food Pantry. “As Jews, we have a calling to help each other,” said co-owner Tzipporah Teller. “We are taught from an early age about community service and Tikkun Olam to help people in the world. People should not be hungry, so when there is someone in need of something that we can provide, we will provide it.”

Other Metro Atlanta businesses have supported the KFP in big ways recently, including the Zadie Project, the philanthropic arm of Souper Jenny. They have donated a whopping 48 quarts of comforting, ready-to-eat soup every week since the fall. Bagel Rescue is also a dedicated partner, donating dozens of delicious bagels weekly.

JF&CS Staff Member Amy Albertson delivers a Thanksgiving Meal from the Kosher Food Pantry to her One Good Deed match, Ronald

Donations don’t only come from food businesses, though; around Thanksgiving, JF&CS volunteer and event planner Tara Kornblum of Bluming Creativity used her connections to arrange a turkey drive, securing 25 turkeys for local families. Consulting firm Aprio donated thoughtful baskets of “everything but the turkey,” complete with all the fixings for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. We know many families were able to enjoy Thanksgiving thanks to their generosity.

Want to help feed hungry families this holiday season? Find the way that works for you to support our Kosher Food Pantry here.