Better Together: A Partnership Between Meals On Wheels Atlanta and Aviv Older Adult Services – a Program of JF&CS

September 04, 2020

Better Together: A Partnership Between Meals On Wheels Atlanta and Aviv Older Adult Services – a Program of JF&CS

These days, it has become increasingly more imperative that older adults receive the assistance, support, and care that they may need. Meals On Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) and Aviv Older Adult Services, a program of Jewish Family & Career Services Atlanta, formed a partnership in 2018, so that MOWA clients would have access to Aviv’s Case Management, Nutrition Counseling, and many other services.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 has placed a renewed importance on this symbiotic partnership, as older adults are spending most, if not all, of their time at home in order to stay safe. At the beginning of the pandemic, Aviv’s staff called each of MOWA’s 450+ clients to check in on them, identify any needs they may have, and to inform them of Aviv resources such as AgeWell Atlanta (an information and referral resource) and One Good Deed Friendly Phone Visitor Program. Aviv Older Adult Services has provided at least one service, such as Case Management, Nutrition Counseling, Telephone Reassurance through One Good Deed, Dental Referrals, and Benefit Reviews, to over 100 Meals On Wheels Atlanta clients.

“Through our partnership with Meals On Wheels Atlanta, we have been able to serve clients more comprehensively, providing better coordination of care, doing what each of our organizations does best. It’s definitely a win-win for everyone!” says Deborah Zisholtz, Director of Aviv Older Adult Services.

Aviv and MOWA have also worked together on specific tasks to help MOWA clients with the home repair service MOWA provides. One client spoke to her One Good Deed Friendly Phone Visitor, and expressed a need for two bathroom grab bars and a shower chair, as well as their installation. AgeWell arranged a Home Safety Assessment, and the installation, which would have cost $800, was instead provided to her at no cost. Many other MOWA clients have received similar assistance from Aviv staff over the two years that this partnership has been in place. Another MOWA client received transportation assistance, a cane, supplemental food, an eye exam, and new glasses.

“Supporting our fragile seniors goes beyond just providing a healthy meal. We truly value our partnership with JF&CS and are looking forward to continually making an impact together,” says Jason Tucker, Chief Innovation and Business Development Director at Meals On Wheels Atlanta.

Despite having already identified and met many client needs, there are additional ways older adults can be helped. While working with MOWA clients, Georgia Gunter, Aviv Geriatric Care Manager, found that many clients only have one, non-reusable mask they wear repeatedly. MOWA is currently working on alleviating this need by collecting reusable masks either made or donated by volunteers. As the partnership moves forward, suggestions for new projects continue which strengthen and expand the assistance that MOWA and Aviv offers to clients.

For information on donating, volunteering, or requesting assistance, please contact Meals On Wheels Atlanta at 404-351-3889, or visit, and AgeWell Atlanta at 1-866-243-9355, or visit