Be a Big Pal to a Jewish Child in need

July 29, 2020

Be a Big Pal to a Jewish Child in need

The UN has stated in a Policy Brief, “The effects of physical distancing measures and movement restrictions on children’s mental health represent cause for concern. Children today face anxiety about the negative impact of the pandemic on their lives and their communities, and uncertainty regarding the future…”

What can you do to help? Be a Big Pal to a Jewish Child in need! Be a friend, mentor, and a role model. We all need someone we can trust and confide in. Someone that is there just for us.

Having a Big Pal means that for a few hours a month, he or she experiences a different perspective and has someone to talk through various thoughts and ideas. There is someone else to call or e-mail when inevitable questions arise. The longer a match lasts, the more likely that it will help a child develop new ideas, habits and opportunities that can have a long-term impact on their future.

To learn more about becoming a Big Pal, contact or learn more at the PAL Program page.

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