Judith N. Cohen Society

Annual Campaign Major Donors

The Judith N. Cohen Society

The Judith N. Cohen Society, named in honor of our past president Judith N. Cohen z"l*, recognizes donors who have an unwavering commitment to donating a minimum of $10,000 annually to the unrestricted Annual Campaign. Their combined giving is the foundation for the agency’s annual appeal.

Donors who are under 30 years of age can begin participation in the Judith N. Cohen Society with a minimum annual pledge of $1,000. From 31-39 years of age, a minimum annual pledge of $2,500 is required; and from 40 to 49 years of age the minimum annual pledge for Judith N. Cohen Society members increases to $5,000. At 50 years of age, members are expected to make a minimum annual pledge of $10,000.

Ways to Give

If you are interested in participating in the Judith N. Cohen Society, please contact Mark Swirsky, Major Gifts Manager, at or 770.677.9323

Judith N. Cohen Society

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Amy and Robert Arogeti, Beth and Joel Arogeti, Jeanette Arogeti, Jane and Mitch Durham, Barbara and Larry Perlis

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Terri Bonoff and Matthew Knopf

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Zane Blechner

Blonder Family

Lois z"l* Blonder, Suzanne and Michael z"l* Blonder, Dale and Jeff Dyer, Leslie and Doug Isenberg

Cohen Charitable Foundation

Judith N. and Elliott Cohen z"l*, Jill Cohen

Barbara and Peter Cohen

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Alison Doerfler

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Diane and Stanley Friedman

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Suzanne Bunzl Wilner

Regina and David Witt

Zaban Family Foundation

Carol Z. and Larry Cooper, Laura Z. and Marshall Dinerman, Sara Z. and Robert Franco, Judy Zaban and Lester Miller

Helen and David Zalik

*Of Blessed Memory
As of December 8th, 2021