One Good Deed Match: David and Paul

One Good Deed Match: David and Paul

The One Good Deed Match

David, 73, originally contacted One Good Deed to be a volunteer. He had heard about the program from a friend who attended AgeWell Atlanta Neighborhood programs, formerly the Toco Hills NORC. He was looking for a social outlet, since he was retired, lived alone, and had no close family.

After meeting with Sharon, they decided that David could use his own volunteer instead. He agreed to be matched, as he was simply looking for a way to be connected to the outside community for socialization and a sense of purpose.

Paul, age 53, an Atlanta State Trooper, had some extra time during the week, and had learned about One Good Deed from an ad he had seen in an Atlanta magazine. When Sharon met him, she decided he would be the perfect match for Paul.

Their Friendship

Paul and David have been seeing each other two to three times a month since January 2019, visiting places in Atlanta that David had never had the opportunity to go to. Paul would pick up David at his home, and David will have researched outings, and off they go! Their visits have consisted of trips to the Georgia Aquarium, The Atlanta History Museum, The Train Depot, The Coca Cola Museum, The Atlanta Zoo and The Governor’s Mansion.

"Having a volunteer like Paul has changed my life. He has been so kind to me...He is like an angel from God. Every time I see him it is the best thing going," said David.

Paul has enjoyed being his volunteer as well, and treasures their friendship.

"I have exposed him to things he has never ever done, including a State Troopers Graduation! He has spent time with my wife and I. He loves to eat, so after every place, he always says ‘Ok, let's eat!’ Being a One Good Deed match is a wonderful experience!" said Paul.

Telephone Check-ins

Since the Covid-19 Crisis, Paul is taking precautions, and can no longer visit David. Instead, he calls regularly to check on him, and shops for him and delivers food to his home.

This week, David called Sharon to say how wonderful Paul has been through this crisis.

“He is just a wonderful person,” he said. “G-d bless him.”