Ensuring the Continuation of Wendy's Life's Work

August 18, 2020

Ensuring the Continuation of Wendy's Life's Work

Wendy Lipshutz was planning a celebratory trip; and realized it was time to create a will. Raised by a family dedicated to helping others, she credits her Jewish upbringing for instilling in her the importance of Tikkun Olam, an aspiration to “repair the world,” From a young age she began working for social change. Wendy quipped that giving back is in her DNA. It eventually drew her to her career as a social worker. As Wendy reflected, “a legacy gift allows you to leave the world a better place when you can no longer directly serve.” She had seen how a childhood friend’s bequest could impact the community and she was inspired to do the same.

Wendy is the founder and director of JF&CS’s Shalom Bayit (Peace in the Home), a program that provides short and long-term assistance to those facing physical, emotional or sexual abuse in their families or intimate relationships. With over 37 years of experience in the field, she understands how important a program like Shalom Bayit is to the families she helps and wants to ensure that it continues for many years to come. Since its inception in 1993, the program has made life-changing impacts on its clients, many of whom refer to Wendy as their “rock” and “anchor.” It is not uncommon for Shalom Bayit clients to acknowledge the life-saving impact of the Shalom Bayit program. Wendy is honored to lead this program and is committed to sustaining Shalom Bayit’s mission to serve abuse survivors. Wendy has championed Shalom Bayit through many transitions in leadership at JF&CS. Throughout, she finds that “we have remained true to our mission, which includes Shalom Bayit. Raising awareness, being present for survivors of abuse, providing safe space, and counseling contributes to healing and the ability for survivors to move forward in their lives.”

For Wendy, making a difference in the lives of the women she works with has become a lifelong mission. She hopes to leave this legacy to future generations, passing down the same legacy her father and mother left her. A non-sectarian organization that serves individuals from all backgrounds, faiths, cultures, and lifestyles, Shalom Bayit remains one of the first in the nation, and the only program in Georgia that specifically addresses domestic violence within the context of the Jewish community.

Throughout her time at JF&CS, Wendy has worked tirelessly to serve people who otherwise would not have been helped, and her decision to be a legacy donor ensures that her program will continue to serve others for many more years.

If you are interested in participating in the Life & Legacy program by making a planned gift, please contact Stacy Fialkow at sfialkow@jfcsatl.org or 770.677.9357.