Three Free Services and Financial Benefits for Holocaust Survivors

June 18, 2021

Three Free Services and Financial Benefits for Holocaust Survivors

At Jewish Family and Career Services of Atlanta, we provide a wide array of social services and assistance to holocaust survivors residing in the Southeast.

Get help accessing reparations for your loved one

Holocaust Survivor Services program manager, Amy Neumann, keeps daily tabs on the variety of reparations and financial benefits offered to holocaust survivors throughout the country. Most survivors qualify for at least some form of payment. When you reach out to JF&CS, we can help your loved one gain access to eligible benefits.

Feel secure with free home-care and transportation

No survivor should feel or be alone. Our case managers will help your loved one get the care they need to live a healthy and safe life in their own home. Eligible parties can receive free transportation, prescription medications, house cleaning, and even adult day care.

Get them in-home counseling services

Our licensed clinical social workers can visit your loved one in their home and provide supportive counseling services. They are trained and specialized in trauma therapy among other therapies as well.

If you are interested in connecting your loved one to our wide variety of support services, please reach out to our program manager, Amy Neumann at (770) 677-9382.