Support Groups Offer Strength in Numbers

February 01, 2024

Support Groups Offer Strength in Numbers

Frances Bunzl Clinical Services at JF&CS offers various support groups to help individuals navigate difficult personal and emotional issues, such as divorce, family estrangement, and the war in Israel. Support groups are different than one-on-one therapy and can offer additional benefits to participants.

What is a Support Group?

A support group is a safe space to connect participants to one another amidst challenging life events. While therapy groups tend to focus on specific diagnoses like depression, anxiety, or trauma, support groups focus on coping with difficult life events like grief, divorce, or estrangement. These support groups are not a replacement for individual therapy, but can be a very helpful addition to it.

“Our support groups remind participants that no one is alone in his or her struggle,” said Nicole Weinstein, LCSW, Director of Clinical Programs. “It helps so much to know that other people are alongside you, experiencing the same difficulties it in a parallel way.”

Bringing people together who are going through similar situations builds a support system that “helps (participants) hear what works for and helps other people,” said Nicole, “and also normalizes what others are going through, so (participants) don’t feel alone.”

That additional layer of peer support is invaluable when going through difficult life circumstances and transitions. Support groups are guided by our trusted clinicians, who help to facilitate conversations and foster connections among participants.

Current and Upcoming Support Groups:

The Israel Support Group began in January, but there are still openings to join. The group is a brief and meaningful opportunity for the Metro Atlanta Jewish community ages 18 and up to share their feelings, thoughts, and experiences related to the war in Israel, and to offer support and coping strategies. It meets virtually every other Tuesday, with the next meeting taking place February 6. The group is facilitated by Nicole Weinstein, LCSW, & Tamara Greenberg, Clinical Intern. There is no cost, but registration is required.

The Family Estrangement Support Group begins February 5, and is intended for those experiencing longstanding estrangements from family members. The group meetings will focus on allowing space for the mixed and complicated emotions that arise from these estrangements to be processed alongside others experiencing them. The group will be facilitated by Isabel Groedel, LCSW, and will meet virtually every Monday beginning February 5. Cost is $50/session. To register or learn more, email Isabel Groedel, LCSW at

The Uncoupling Support Group begins February 13 and offers warm, individualized care and community for adults undergoing divorce or separation. The group will equip participants with emotional tools to process and grow through this major transition. Topics such as grief, trust, guilt, anger, rejection, communication, custody, holidays, in-laws, infidelity, finances and more will be explored in a safe, welcoming environment. The Uncoupling Support Group will be facilitated by Clinicians Helen Kotler, Ph.D., LPC, and Madeleine Lawson, Family Therapist, and will meet virtually every other Tuesday, and cost is $50/session. To register or learn more, contact Helen Kotler, Ph.D., LPC, at 404.210.9571 or

While these upcoming groups are all conveniently hosted on Zoom, participants are also encouraged to connect offline to support one another. To keep up with our support group offerings throughout the year, subscribe to our Feel Better Letter and the INSPIRES newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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