Seventh Grader Brings Purim Goody Bags and Love to the Community

March 02, 2021

Seventh Grader Brings Purim Goody Bags and Love to the Community

This year’s Purim celebration was not back to normal yet due to the constant need to take precautions during a pandemic, and many people were left to celebrate another holiday alone. However, community members continue to show up when they are most needed and provide support for each other, especially during holidays when people are used to celebrating all together, surrounded by their community.

Alanna Diamond, a 7th grader at The Davis Academy provided some holiday cheer to Holocaust Survivors in the community. She filled 90 Mishloach Manot goody bags with a lovely note, an assortment of goodies, a word search book, and of course plenty of hamantaschen!

In her note, Alanna recognized that the pandemic must be difficult on Survivors and shared that she can relate to how lonely they might feel since she has not been able to see her friends at school. She ended the note by saying, “I hope these Mishloach Manot bags cheer you up and make you smile!”

Alanna dropped the Mishloach Manot bags off at JF&CS, and the bags were then delivered to Holocaust Survivors by wonderful JF&CS volunteers, as they delivered lunches for our monthly Virtual Café Europa.

Holocaust Survivors were pleased to receive such a sweet gift from one of the younger members of their community, and they were glad to have been in her thoughts during the holiday. Alanna was successful in her endeavor to bring happiness and support to those in her community who feel isolated during holidays. Her kind act made a world of difference for the Survivors and let them know that they are not alone.

Visit our Holocaust Survivor Services page to see how JF&CS helps Holocaust Survivors.

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Alanna's full note:
“Hello, my name is Alanna Diamond. I am 12-years-old in 7th grade at The Davis Academy. One of my favorite subjects in school right now is math. I live in Sandy Springs with my mom, dad, and my 18-year-old brother Ryan, who is a senior at the Weber school. Of course, we can’t forget about my two dogs, Tula, who is a labradoodle, and Louie, who is a mini sheep doodle – they are really cute and a lot of fun! I love to dance, and am on a competitive dance team and I also enjoy playing softball and basketball. I am very athletic, creative, and like arts and crafts. I am a happy and optimistic person who loves to hang out with my friends. I am sure that the pandemic has been pretty hard on you and I can kind of figure out what it feels like. Even though my school is allowing students to be in-person I have been at home doing online school all year. I hope these mishloach manot bags cheer you up and make you smile!”