Sarah and Stephanie's Journey

January 19, 2022

Sarah and Stephanie's Journey

By JF&CS Marketing

Like so many others, Sarah* and her 9-year-old daughter, Stephanie* had a rough 2021. She went through a painful divorce, and suddenly had to handle all the bills by herself. Her ex-husband could not pay child support. On top of it all, because of the pandemic, her requests for government assistance had not been processed and she lost the family's apartment.

Luckily, a caring friend stepped in and allowed Sarah and Stephanie to move in with them. Eventually, Sarah found a new job and an apartment she could afford. Life was finally starting to look better for her.

Then she learned that to sign the lease and secure the apartment she needed first and last month's rent, as well as a security deposit. She pulled together as much as she could, but did not have the full amount needed. Sarah tried getting assistance through other groups, but due to the end-of-year holiday season, she struggled to find anyone who could help – and the clock was ticking. Worried that she was going to lose out on a reasonably priced home, she contacted JF&CS Emergency Financial Assistance.

After submitting her screening questionnaire, she had a quick phone assessment with our Case Manager and was determined to be eligible for assistance! She promptly submitted all of her paperwork, and we were able to provide a check to the leasing company in less than a week.

Sarah's new job enables her to meet all of her monthly bills as well as set aside money in savings. She now has a path to self-sustainability for her and her daughter, and a new apartment where she can make a loving home for both of them. She was so thankful to JF&CS and to the community for providing the help when she needed it most. Sometimes a little help makes all the difference!

In 2021, JF&CS distributed more than $639,000 in emergency funds to Jewish and non-Jewish individuals and families in need.

With the help of funding from the Zalik Family Foundation and The Breman Foundation, Inc, the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, and donors, JF&CS can offer additional funding to Jewish families in Atlanta.

**Names and likenesses have been changed to protect client confidentiality