Providing for the Burial Needs for All of Our Community

June 21, 2019

Providing for the Burial Needs for All of Our Community

Last week, Rabbi Beiner of the Chaplaincy Program of JF&CS of Atlanta coordinated the burial of a member of our community, John, at the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton GA. Estranged from his family and having fallen on hard times, he suffered with extended illness. Two friends saw to his care, and upon his death, helped to arrange for his funeral.

John was a decorated Vietnam veteran, a passionate legal advocate and a devoted friend. He was one of the lucky ones in that he didn't die alone, was buried with honor and dignity among peers. The US Government will ensure perpetual care of his grave, and the headstone that bears his name and dates of birth and death serves as proof that he lived.

In our Jewish tradition, the mitzvah of burying the dead is a great act of loving kindness, and a shared responsibility of the entire community. When individuals have no family and are of limited means, JF&CS partners with Dresslers Jewish Funeral Care to provide for a proper Jewish burial.

On several occasions, Rabbi Beiner and the funeral home staff are the only attendees, and there is no one present who can tell the story of the deceased.

John was fortunate to have a devoted friend by his side. While these are deeply sad moments, I am comforted in knowing that we've been able to fulfill an important mitzvah.

Zichrona Livracha - May his memory be for blessing.

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