Memories Happen at The Tasting Experience

March 29, 2024

Memories Happen at The Tasting Experience

Enjoying Atlanta’s best restaurants and newest libations in one place is truly an experience; doing it with the people you love is a memory. On May 2, we invite you to make your own special memories with us at The Tasting Experience at the Stave Room.

For many years, this event has brought food lovers together for a night of delicious offerings from some of Atlanta’s best restaurants and caterers, spirits and wine from top local distributors, and a carefully curated silent auction. All proceeds from The Tasting Experience benefit our best-in-class services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“I love this event- there are no other fundraisers like it,” said Allison Holmes, Events and Special Projects Manager. “It brings the entire community together for food and fun.”

Libations Chair Mark Brown has been involved since the earliest iterations of the event and sees it as a “unique” evening with special appeal.

“It’s a great night in a beautiful setting, plus great alcohol and food,” Mark said. “For what you get, it’s actually a fairly economical evening out in today’s world, and you’re supporting a good cause.”

“As we head into the summer there’s nothing better than seeing friends, having a drink and eating good food,” he concludes. “I know May is a busy time, but if you can sneak away and have a night just for fun, The Tasting is a perfect way to do just that!”

Mark’s parents Joan and Don helped start the event years ago, and now he’s getting the next generation of his family involved. For his niece Devyn, the chic surroundings, swanky cocktails and elegant appetizers set the table for a meaningful date night.

“For years I wanted to go…because it’s such an important event for our family,” said Devyn. “But something always happened- I wasn’t of-age, then I went away for college, and the event always took place when I was out of town,” said Devyn. “Last year, Mark offered me tickets and I was finally able to go!”

“I had gone on two dates with this cute guy, Scott, and decided to invite him to go with me,” she said. “We’re both big foodies, and I knew there was going to be amazing food from all these delicious restaurants, and that it would be really fun. On the other hand, it was only our third date, and my grandparents were going to be there!” she laughed. “I wasn’t sure how he’d react, but I decided to invite him anyway.”

Luckily, Scott was game to go to the event, and had a great time –in fact, their first photo as a couple was taken there! Devyn and Scott are still going strong a year later.

Scott, left, and Devyn

“I would tell anyone who loves food – go to The Tasting Experience!” said Devyn. “It’s so fun, such a great crowd, and it supports a good cause.”

Whether you’re looking to network, have a girls’ night out, a special date or even a family affair – everyone (over 21) has a place at The Tasting Experience. We hope you’ll join us and make memories on Thursday, May 2 at The Stave Room. To purchase tickets, visit