Lila’s Story: JF&CS Secures Crucial Homecare After Near-Death Experience

April 26, 2022

Lila’s Story: JF&CS Secures Crucial Homecare After Near-Death Experience

Lila* is an 84-year-old Holocaust Survivor from Ukraine who lives in North Carolina. She is a case management client and is supported by the Regional Homecare Program for Holocaust Survivors. Lila found herself in an extremely dangerous medical situation, and doctors were unsure if she would even survive.

She was hospitalized initially for high blood pressure, but in the ensuing weeks, things got worse for Lila. Her physical and cognitive states declined significantly, she experienced hospital delusion, aspirated, and then developed a lung infection. When she was discharged with a feeding tube, doctors were concerned she would not be alive much longer.

But Lila fought for her life, and beat the odds. Once Lila arrived home, she required around-the-clock care. As she was unable to do anything for herself, she was not able to be left alone. The Claims Conference allowed here 105 free HomeCare hours due to her persecution history, but Lila needed more assistance to ensure her safety and survival. The situation had turned dire, and Lila was scared there wouldn't be a solution.

JF&CS was there to help. With help from JF&CS and the Holocaust Survivor Services funds, Lila received the additional hours of Homecare services she needed to stay safe. The sense of safety and wellbeing she has gained since JF&CS stepped in has been monumental for her mental health.

The Holocaust Survivor Services at Jewish Family & Career Services (JF&CS) offers compassionate and specialized care to an underserved population who needs help the most. With social programs like Café Europa, counseling, and One Good Deed to help the emotional and social needs of our Survivors, to more practical needs such as case management, reparations assistance, and in-home services, JF&CS serves as a leading support service for Holocaust Survivors in Georgia and other states in our regional program.

If you know of anybody who may need our assistance and services, please contact us today. You also have the choice to donate to our Holocaust Survivor Services program in somebody’s honor. Without help from our donors and our community, we would not be able to tell these stories.

* Names and other identifying factors have been changed to protect the Survivor’s identity