Kosher Food Pantry and Partners Provide Turkey And all the Fixins!

November 23, 2020

Kosher Food Pantry and Partners Provide Turkey And all the Fixins!

This year has been more challenging than most, and many people find themselves lacking the ability to observe holidays as they usually do. For some, that may mean celebrating without friends and family who live in different places in order to keep them safe. However, for others, that means forgoing a Thanksgiving meal because they do not have enough money for a turkey.

This Thanksgiving, the Kosher Food Pantry of Jewish Family & Career Services and their partners have clients covered with all of their turkey needs!

Here’s how the Kosher Food Pantry has been able to help:

  • The congregants of Or VeShalom donated money and placed an order with Kosher Gourmet for 50 Kosher turkeys and 38 prepared Kosher meals for those who receive meals from the Epstein School.
  • Second Helpings Atlanta, via Proof of the Pudding, is donating 90 family size prepared meal trays for others who aren't able to cook, including some Ben Massell Dental Clinic clients and those who will need extra food.
  • The Kosher Food Pantry has stored up lots of chicken broth and pumpkin pie filling from weekly Target at the Prado donations through Second Helpings Atlanta in preparation for the items that are predicted to be in low supply closer to Thanksgiving.
  • Tara Kornblum and her volunteer shopping network have successfully ordered additional turkeys and other Thanksgiving groceries from Kroger despite the Turkey shortage and have also acquired free shopping bags from T.J. Max with which to package the groceries for clients.
  • Malachi’s Storehouse Food Pantry is loaning the Kosher Food Pantry freezer space for a few days to keep food fresh until distribution.

Thanksgiving food will be distributed through regular deliveries and pick-ups through Tuesday . Thank you to all of our partners who have made it possible for the Kosher Food Pantry to brighten the holiday season for clients who, otherwise, would not be able to celebrate Thanksgiving.