JF&CS Sponsors the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

January 21, 2020

JF&CS Sponsors the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Jewish Family & Career Services (JF&CS) Atlanta has announced it will be a community sponsor for the upcoming 20thannual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF). This marks the first time that JF&CS has partnered with the film festival. In addition, JF&CS has been invited to bring their clinical experts to speak on challenging topics in the films.

“At JF&CS, our professionals deal with real-life drama every day, so it is a natural fit for us to be part of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival,” said Loren Solomon, JF&CS Chief Marketing Officer.

“The AJFF brings films to a much larger audience than otherwise would see them, and shines the light on many of the same issues that our clinicians see daily with their clients. We are proud to bring our exceptional therapists to share their expertise on the topics of abuse and trauma with the movie, Rewind, and the challenges of getting older, with the film, Africa,” she said.


Synopsis: An abuse survivor exhumes his past in a forensic search for healing in this brave, no-holds-barred investigation of trauma in a Jewish American family. All his younger life, Sasha’s father obsessively recorded the family’s every move. Once frisky and bright, Sasha becomes angry and isolated, and the innocuous footage proves a sinister archive of secrets.

Amid a high-stakes court battle and media firestorm, family and mental health and legal experts are enlisted to reconstruct a history of child sexual abuse as cathartic and instructive as it is disturbing.

Date: Monday, February 17, 2020 at 7:25 PM at UA Tara Cinemas.

Terri Bonoff, JF&CS CEO, will introduce the film and moderate a panel discussion including Ula Zusman, Nationally Certified Counselor at JF&CS, and an expert in child & adolescent therapy, Dan Arnold, Director of Clinical Services at JF&CS, and David Moody, an abuse survivor.


Synopsis: An Israeli retiree seeks to restore his sense of purpose in this tender, lovingly observed Haifa Film Festival top prize winner. Slipping into the sunset of life isn’t easy for crusty but softhearted Meir, a former engineer who now toils away crafting a bed for his grandson, and devastated when a younger cohort takes over organizing a traditional community ceremony.

This low-key gem proves a profound contemplation on aging and transition. (Hebrew, with subtitles)

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 3:55 PM at UA Tara Cinemas.

Yael Stein, Senior Clinician at JF&CS, who specializes in working with older adults, will speak about the challenges of aging after this film.

To learn more, visit www.jfcsatl.org/ajff