Focus Workshops: A Retrospective

May 22, 2023

Focus Workshops: A Retrospective

Over the course of the last 10 months, JF&CS Clinical has highlighted the incredible work of the Horwitz-Zusman Child & Family Services team through our Focus Workshop Series. The series has provided resources and support to the community through the medium of webinars, wrapping up recently with a live Q&A on May 12.

“The main goal of the Focus Workshop series was to support parents at every stage of their journey,” said JF&CS Parent Coach Cari Newman, who has been closely involved in the series since its inception. “The ‘job’ of parenting is incredibly challenging, and there are so many mixed and confusing messages about how to do it well; we hoped to create a platform for the JF&CS Child and Family clinicians to share our experience while also creating a safe place for parents to feel seen and heard.”

The Focus Workshop series covered the following topics:

  • Building Executive Functioning Skills at Home with Lori Wilson, PhD
  • Healthy Teen Relationships (in partnership with JumpSpark, JWFA) with Rebecca Brown, LCSW & Tzipporah Gerson-Miller, LCSW
  • Tantrums & Meltdowns: A Survival Guide for Parents with Cari Newman, MAT, Certified Parent Coach & Miranda Barzey, LAPC Candidate
  • Managing Family Stress Around the Holidays with Rabbi Judith Beiner, JF&CS Community Chaplain & Joel Dworkin, HAMSA Program Manager
  • ADHD: A Closer Look with Dr. Howard Schub, Pediatric Neurologist; Dr. Marlena Reese, Executive Function Coach; Cari Newman, MAT, Certified Parent Coach
  • A Co-Parenting Guide with Ina Enoch, PhD & Ellen Zucrow, LCSW

  • Tough Conversations with Teens About Substance Use with Cari Newman, MAT, Certified Parent Coach
  • Girls Under Pressure with Jaime Stepansky, LCSW, RPT; Rebecca Brown, LCSW; Cari Newman, MAT, Certified Parent Coach
  • Live Q&A with Dr. Marlena Reese, Executive Functioning Coach; Cari Newman, MAT, Certified Parent Coach; and Jaime Stepansky, LCSW

“The feedback we received from families was tremendous,” said Cari. “The number of people who signed up and watched live or later through our website indicates that the topics resonated with families. But even more telling is the number of people who reached out to Clinical Services for parenting, medical, or therapeutic support afterwards. People appreciated the information and loved knowing where they could go for more.”

Click here to watch the Focus Workshop series. Thank you to our incredible clinical team who contributed their time, wisdom and expertise to making these workshops a success. To learn more about the Horwitz-Zusman Child & Family Center, click here.

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