Five Ways to Update Your Resume

October 08, 2021

Five Ways to Update Your Resume

Recruiters take an average of 8 seconds to review your resume. Therefore, your resume should be simple and convey the necessary information needed by the employer.

Below are five ways to update your resume:

  • Remove jobs over 15 years – For jobs that are 10 years or more, list position and company only (no dates).
  • Don’t include your address – Use general location areas like “Greater Metro Atlanta”. Your location should not disqualify you for a job.
  • Use years, not months – Take off the months in your dates of employment. Your resume should be easy to glance at. Don’t let the recruiter get distracted by counting months.
  • Don’t add your graduation date - Unless you are a new grad, do not add your graduation date to your education. Also, do not list your High School Diploma. Your graduation date can show your age and that should not be a factor in hiring.
  • Gaps in employment – Did you volunteer during this gap? Add volunteer experience to the professional experience section of your resume so employers can see what you did during this time.

Your resume should focus on your accomplishments, while your LinkedIn profile should focus on your job duties. Tailor each resume to the job you are applying for. For more resume tips, sign up for our next free Resume and Cover Letter Workshop. REGISTER HERE