Client Fulfills His Dreams with Help from JF&CS

June 15, 2022

Client Fulfills His Dreams with Help from JF&CS

At JF&CS, we always strive to meet clinical patients where they are in their personal journey and provide them with the tools to become the best version of themselves possible. Our clinicians believe that you are not broken, but a full, complete human being that just needs help from time to time.

Julie Zeff, JF&CS Life Coach, recently helped Jonathan* go after his dreams after years of hesitation and fear. Like many people in their 20s, Jonathan knew the passions that were in his heart and had aspirations of attending grad school. But he felt depressed and overwhelmed with many aspects of his life. He was afraid to pursue the future he knew he wanted because he felt that his life was stalled, and he was uncertain of where it was headed.

“Therapy can help clients to uncover their true strengths and passions and can help them learn to trust the innate wisdom that always lives inside us, but isn’t always accessible,” said Julie.

Julie went on to say that Jonathan was unable to access his innate wisdom due to something called “limiting beliefs.” Beliefs like “I’m not smart enough,” or “I’m not brave enough” can cause our inner voice to feel muted or covered up. Julie also calls these limiting beliefs “ogres.”

After just a few months of therapy, Jonathan reclaimed his inner voice and was able to start conquering his life again. He learned how to recognize what is important, enlivening, and soul-filling to him, and uncovered the tools he needed to have the confidence, trust, and vision to go after it.

Jonathan put his tools into action. He was able to complete his graduate school applications, secure a new job he is excited about, and plan a fun summer adventure trip. Furthermore, Julie said that with the support of therapy, Jonathan was able to learn many tools to help him navigate life’s ups and downs more successfully.

Part of therapy, according to Julie, is adding tools to each client’s toolbox to empower them to build the life they want for themselves. She stresses that every client already has everything they need to live the life they want, they just need a little extra help. And Jonathan was no exception.

After her work with Jonathan ended, he reached out to tell Julie some good news. He was accepted into one of his top choice graduate school programs for the fall and is well on his way to living the life he envisioned for himself.

“I believe that every client, and all of us, are creative, resourceful, and whole as human beings just the way we are,” said Julie. “Through therapy, Jonathan was reminded of what’s really important to him, and that he has everything he needs to live the life he dreamed of.”

*Name changed to protect client identity

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