Cherie Aviv Continues to Bring Cheer to Holocaust Survivors Throughout the Pandemic

June 01, 2021

Cherie Aviv Continues to Bring Cheer to Holocaust Survivors Throughout the Pandemic

“I love this mask. It is the only one that fits me,” said a Holocaust survivor who received a cute mask with an apple pattern for the Rosh Hashanah holiday. A survivor’s granddaughter shared, “My grandmother adored the napkins picturing the Seder plate for Passover.” These are just a few rewarding comments heard from Holocaust survivors inspired by Cherie Aviv, a volunteer, and ardent supporter of care for Holocaust survivors.

For many years now, Cherie has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Holocaust survivors. And during the pandemic, she did not slow down. In fact, she increased her efforts to ensure that Holocaust survivors felt loved and remembered.

Prior to the pandemic, Cherie created and orchestrated social events for Holocaust survivors, including “cook and dines” for survivors and volunteers, and baking events for volunteers to make special treats for survivors throughout the year, and to celebrate the Jewish holidays.

With COVID-19, it was critically important to connect to survivors who were socially isolated. So, Cherie stepped up her game. Each month, she has brought special presents including puzzles and games (fill-ins, word searches, crosswords, and brainteasers), and other special items like Rosh Hashanah masks, Thanksgiving tea bags, Chanukah towels, hamantaschen for Purim, and Seder napkins for Passover. For some of her outreach, Cherie also engaged other community organizations to be part of the fun.

More recently, Cherie volunteered her time to assist in preparing the newsletter for Holocaust survivors to be sent more frequently with interesting stories, as another point of contact with survivors. This outreach benefits survivors and warms the hearts of staff members as well. Their comments included, “Our clients really appreciate all the special outreaches.” “I received so many calls from survivors thanking us for masks, cards, and puzzles.” “Another survivor noted how she felt so cared for.”

Amy Neuman, Holocaust Survivor Services Program Manager, commented, “Cherie’s just an all-around support to our program. She is always thinking of ways she can help. She is a great resource, has innovative ideas to address social isolation, and is wonderful to brainstorm with.”

Neuman added, “Cherie has continued to have a tremendous impact in our community, and we are all so appreciative of her commitment to help Holocaust survivors.”

Thank you Cherie for bringing smiles to the faces of our Holocaust Survivors!

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Cherie Aviv founded the Holocaust Survivor Support Fund (HSSF), convened and housed at Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, in partnership with Jewish Family & Career Services, Jewish Home Life, The Breman Museum, the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, and Eternal Life-Hemshech to help provide homecare, medical care, dental care, health care, food insecurity, social services, assisted living support, and financial assistance in order to address the unmet needs of community Holocaust survivors in Georgia and survivors in the Southeast National Homecare program for survivors.