Alexander’s Story: Getting the (Home)Care He Needed

April 26, 2022

Alexander’s Story: Getting the (Home)Care He Needed

Alexander, a 90-year-old Survivor from Ukraine, joined the HSS Program with JF&CS in March 2021 while receiving 35 hours of homecare through the Georgia Medicaid system. Alexander is part of a vulnerable community, being extremely low income, with no assets and a small amount in food stamps every month. He is legally blind, has heart disease and diabetes, and is at risk for fall injuries.

Initially, Alexander was able to manage his daily needs with the 35 hours of Medicaid-funded homecare. However, in August of 2021, he was hospitalized and desperately needed more home care upon his release. The Medicaid homecare program was able to increase his hours of assistance to 56 hours per week after he was released from the hospital, but no more; 56 hours is the maximum amount of hours Medicaid will provide.

However, Alexander’s doctor and case manager both determined he needed more hours of care, despite this cap. Alexander was now in a dangerous situation, with few options. With funding from HSSF, Alexander received the additional homecare hours needed during a critical time in his life.

Thanks to JF&CS, Alexander no longer needed to worry and wonder how he was going to be able to be safe in his own home.

The Holocaust Survivor Services at Jewish Family & Career Services (JF&CS) offers compassionate and specialized care to an underserved population who needs help the most. With social programs like Café Europa, counseling, and One Good Deed to help the emotional and social needs of our Survivors, to more practical needs such as case management, reparations assistance, and in-home services, JF&CS serves as a leading support service for Holocaust Survivors in Georgia and other states in our regional program.

If you know of anybody who may need our assistance and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You also have the choice to donate to our Holocaust Survivor Services program in somebody’s honor. Without help from our donors and our community, we would not be able to tell these stories.

* Names and other identifying factors have been changed to protect the Survivor’s identity