A Passage to Strengthen the Spirit

April 05, 2020

A Passage to Strengthen the Spirit

Dear JF&CS Family

In the stress and craziness of the week, I hope you've each found moments of respite and normalcy, for yourselves and your dear ones. We know for certain that we are in a marathon, and not a sprint, and that taking care of both our bodies and souls is vital for us all.

Below is a reading I've found particularly meaningful. May it strengthen your spirit.


There are times when each of us is sick with the world

And life weighs upon us like a heavy boulder

We cannot imagine any good or happy thought

We sink further and deeper into the pit of our despairs.

There are times when each of us feels sorely hurt

The very thing we love the most has been taken away

We feel empty, we fell alone, we are afraid.

There are moments all human beings share

When their hearts sink and their minds entertain the worst

Fear assails us all, we tremble and shake at problems facing us.

At these times a little voice from within us rouses us

Often waiting until we reach the very brink of despair

At first nothing more than a whisper,

It tells us that we can indeed prevail.

This little voice abiding in each of us is - hope.

It is not logical or even reasonable.

It is our heart telling our head that we cannot surrender

For to give in to the trials of life is to let them win over us.

From a whisper hope grows slowly

First in a moderate tone and finally to a roar

It supersedes fear, sorrow, and even despair.

It gives us the courage to try again.

Hope abides in each of us giving us the energy to survive.

It gives us the strength to turn toward the Spirit of the Universe, and offer praise.