2020 Community Wide Jewish Pride Program

December 31, 2019

2020 Community Wide Jewish Pride Program

As we move away from Hanukkah into the New Year, we recognize that we are in very difficult times and can only hope for a brighter 2020. Over the course of Hanukkah, there were 10 attacks on Jews in the New York metropolitan area, culminating in the stabbing attack at a Rabbi’s home in Monsey. Anti-Semitic attacks, no matter where they happen, are attacks on all of us. We must respond, and our response cannot be cowering back.

Hanukkah reminds us that we can always overcome those that persecute us. As a community we must stand proud, courageous, and united. Our community works tirelessly behind the scenes in partnership with the Secure Community Network to build comprehensive community security initiatives across all organizations, and that work will continue and amplify as needed. The safety and security of our community is our highest priority, but we do this work so that we can continue to live proudly and publicly as Jews in America.

This Monday evening, our entire Atlanta Jewish community will come together in solidarity at 7:30 pm at Byers Theatre at Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center at City Springs. We will show that, like the Maccabees, we will not live in hiding. We will stand together in hope and unity, across denominations, organizations, geographic neighborhoods and all else that can divide us, because what unites us as Jewish Atlanta is stronger than anything that divides us.

This gathering will take place on the Hebrew date of the 10th of Tevet (Asarah B’Tevet) – a minor fast day on the Jewish calendar that commemorates the siege of Jerusalem, which was the beginning of the process that ultimately led to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. This day was the warning sign and reminds us that we must respond even to the early of signs of concerns against our people. Communal fast days such as Asarah B’Tevet are established as a time to reflect and feel the pain for the current sufferings of our people, and also have the power to be a corrective force in working towards creating a society of justice, kindness, and respect for one another.

Please join us at this important gathering.

Registration is highly encouraged for security purposes.

Learn more about this event on the Jewish Federation of Atlanta website - jewishatlanta.org/communityevent

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