Marketing Department

Marketing Department

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JF&CS Atlanta Marketing Team

Marketing Department

Since 2007, I’ve been here to support you, promote your offerings, and help you be as successful as possible. I consider my time here at JF&CS as my second career. During my 21 years in the U.S. Air Force (1985-2006), I spent a considerable amount of time doing marketing, advertising, and public relations for hometown recruiters and the Air Force in general. I feel fortunate to have the ability to continue building my skillset while working for this amazing agency. Telling your stories and showing our stakeholders how we provide our clients with hope and the opportunity to empower themselves to a better quality of life is what gives me the reward and energy to continue forward each day. I, and my creative team of marketeers, are here to help you.

Chris Greer - Director of Marketing

Marketing Department

I am a native of Dunwoody, a UGA Grad (Go Dawgs!) with 14+ years of marketing and public relations experience. I have been part of the team at JF&CS since 2015. I love helping you make your programs grow, sharing your impact stories, and telling the community about the wonderful people and services at JF&CS. Before coming to JF&CS, my career focus was in technology marketing. Bring me your story ideas, and marketing needs and let’s get started.

Chantal Spector - Sr. Manager of Communications

Marketing Department

With a creative arts background and a love for social media, I enjoy bringing FUN to the workplace. My biggest strengths are my positive attitude, eagerness to learn, and outside of the box thinking to driving top notch results. After living in Los Angeles for 5 years, I am happy to have found my home in Georgia with JF&CS Atlanta.

Rebekah Peltz - Social Media Manager

Marketing Department

I have been a graphic designer for more than twenty years, working for HD Supply, various freelance clients, and healthcare companies. As the pandemic entered its second year, I reevaluated my life and realized I wanted to use my skills to help others and make a difference in the community. I feel lucky to have found a home with JF&CS in the fall of 2021 and have flourished in the agency’s collaborative, welcoming, and positive environment. I take pride in creating graphic design projects that communicate our much-needed services and help bring people in need to JF&CS. Working within the marketing team is very fulfilling and I enjoy having talented, outstanding colleagues.

Tiffany Cox - Graphic Design & Production Specialist

Marketing Department

I am a musician, social media content creator, and branding consultant from Bethesda, MD. Using my years of artist development and creative direction experience in the music industry, I help individuals and businesses develop their brand identity through digital content creation and strategy. My role at JF&CS is to create what doesn’t exist and shine a light on what already does. My skillset includes writing, creative direction, graphic design, video production, photo/video editing, and brand management. I’m passionate about storytelling, and I’m committed to inspiring you to tell yours in new ways. Are you interested in creating something new? Do you need help delivering a message and establishing your voice? Reach out! I look forward to working together.

Mira Cohen - Social Media & Content Specialist

Marketing Department

I come to JF&CS with more than five years of experience in writing, website design, and digital marketing. I am an Atlanta native and member of the Atlanta Jewish community since I was five, I am passionate about using my writing abilities to tell the many powerful stories JF&CS has created within the community. I currently work on website edits for both the JF&CS and Ben Massell Dental Clinic websites, write stories for the agency’s blog, and I assist with developing synagogue ads about our agency’s offerings. Recently, I have joined a team that works on the agency’s Feel Better Letter, an initiative of Clinical Services. I have experienced the impact of JF&CS firsthand, having used its services for years before I started working here, and I am thrilled to be part of a team that is inspiring change and empowering the community.

Anna Streetman - Communications Specialist

Marketing Department

I have seen firsthand the impact and benefits that JF&CS has in the community among the many services we provide, to the Greater Atlanta Area. I love applying my skills to help grow our print, social, and digital marketing to help our staff, clients, and the community at large. I am thrilled that my knowledge and ability helps the clients we serve as well as our staff. I craft and design our Inspires Newsletter and our Feel Better Letter along with putting together website updates and supporting our virtual Mental Health Series. I love being a part of our marketing team and the difference we make within JF&CS and in the community!

Mitchell Katz - Digital Marketing Coordinator

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