April 14, 2021

Healing Through Sound Therapy with Jeneen Piccuirro (1.5 CORE CEUs)


April 14, 2021

11:00am to 12:30pm


DESCRIPTION: Sound Healer and Artist Jeneen Piccuirro has been practicing sound healing for more than 10 years and over this time has crafted an integrative approach to holistic wellness. Jeneen holds an MFA in Painting from AU, a BA in Art from Swarthmore College, 500+ hour Sri Yoga TT, 4 yr Integrated Alignment (Subtle Energy & Sound Healing) certificates, and many other formal trainings including Pranayama, Pre-natal Yoga, Budding Yogis (childrens yoga), QiGong, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Light Work.  From her earliest teaching days, she has always integrated dance, music, sound, healing, yoga, art and meditation in creative and innovative ways. Currently, Jeneen sees private clients for healing and clearing work, designs trainings and workshops for corporate clients, and holds her own group coaching circles integrating sound tools for wellness, stress relief and management, mindfulness and creativity.

OBJECTIVES: Ancient and universal, sound has been used for healing, ceremony and general wellness throughout time and history.  Using focused and thoughtfully culled sound, Sound Therapy can be used as a stand-alone healing modality or as a complementary practice to other modalities.   Sound Therapy has the power to release trauma from the body; reduce stress; calm the nervous system, improve quality of sleep; promote deep states of relaxation or meditation, and shift mental state.  In our current experience, sound holds an important role as both a stand alone and complementary practice to the clinical therapy modality.

During the program, Jeneen will share an overview of the basis of the therapeutics of sound, review the most common sound healing tools in use, offer tips and practical tools for application and consideration and give feedback for working with sound with clients and groups.  She will also offer an artfully crafted sound session just for you, to get a taste of the experience first-hand and leave you refreshed and renewed.

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1.5 CORE CEU Credits

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