November 1, 2020

Strong Girls: Women and Girls in Popular Culture and Society


November 1, 2020

3:30pm to 5:00pm



Strong Girls provides a welcoming space for 8th grade girls to come together every other week, build community, and explore the big questions around what it means to be a Jewish girl in today’s world. This opportunity helps young people grapple with the obstacles they face and prepares them to be the leaders they can be today and in the future.

Strong Girls will be facilitated by licensed JF&CS clinicians Rebecca Brown and Tzipporah Gerson-Miller and will utilize the Jewish girls Empowered Together curriculum from TrueChild. Session topics include exploring gender, women and girls in popular culture, femininity and body image, achievement and relationships, and challenging privilege. In each session, girls will have a chance to reflect on these topics in Jewish culture and tradition.

Created in partnership with JumpSpark ATL.

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