Ukraine Resources

Ukraine Resources

5/23/22 Update

Dear Atlanta Community,

We watch the devastating war in the Ukraine with horror. How can this be happening in 2022 and what can we do to help? We at JF&CS have determined that assisting those evacuees who have found their way to Atlanta is something we are called to do. We appreciate the incredible response from the Atlanta Jewish community who join us in this effort. These evacuees have lost everything, and desperately need our help. The information below provides an update on the current Atlanta relief effort.AURA (Atlanta Ukrainian Evacuee Relief Assistance) of JF&CS

Our new program has been named AURA or Atlanta Ukrainian Evacuee Relief Assistance. If you would like to donate to this program, in collaboration with Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, please visit here, and designate funds to AURA. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Currently, JF&CS is providing assistance for 50+ individuals and families. These individuals all have strong family ties in the Atlanta area. Many of them are currently living with family in the Gwinnet area, where there is a large percentage of Ukrainian families. We are helping them with a variety of needs including financial, medications, vaccinations, new furniture, and rent for apartments.

We are working with several area synagogues to provide additional items to these families. We are looking to build our partnerships with synagogues and temples so that congregations can help 1-2 families at a time with their needs.

Housing and Furniture

We appreciate all offers to house refugees or provide used clothing and items. We are currently not looking to house evacuees in a shared home with Atlanta residents, unless they are related. We do not have the ability to store, or pick-up used clothing or furniture at this time. If a donor can provide apartments or homes for low-cost, we would be interested in discussing this with them.

Volunteer Corps for AURA

We appreciate all of our volunteers and are looking to recruit a group of very flexible volunteers that can help with specific tasks.

For example: Assisting clients with best prices for medications, helping families enroll children into schools, driving to pick up an item and bringing it to the client. All volunteers must pass a background check prior to meeting with any clients. If you would like to be part of this group: please visit here.

Several Synagogues and The Frank Mission have “adopted” a family or a group of connected individuals. This work has happened in coordination with the AURA program manager, Zane Blechner. We acknowledge Zane for his passion, talent, and expertise as he helps us navigate the complex web of services needed to assist these evacuees. Please contact Zane directly if you have questions at .

How You Can Help

Donate to AURA

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Inside Georgia:

4/6/2022 Update

With the recent White House announcement of the admission of 100,000 Ukrainian refugees into the USA, JF&CS is gearing up to assist refugees. We are currently awaiting guidance from the US Government on what this process will look like, and how many will come to the Georgia area. We want to encourage anyone in the state of Georgia that has entered the U.S. from Ukraine prior to 3/1 on a temporary visa, with or seeking, Temporary Protective Status, or received humanitarian parole status at a land border who needs assistance (financial, food, housing) to send an email to message can be English, Russian or Ukrainian and we will have it translated.Here is a list of resources that have been shared from our partners at the Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies.UNHR ResourcesUNHR has provided the following help-pages and phone numbers for those forced to flee in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia.Inside Ukraine: and the IDP hotline 0-800-307-711In Hungary:

In Poland: and the Polish government website for Ukrainians: (to be scrolled down for additional languages and government hotline number: +48477217575)In Moldova: For Moldova, there is the generic protection email ( and phone number (+373 22 271 853) for UNHCR. HELP page will be online asap. There is also a government hotline for Ukrainians refugees (‘the green line’) newly established in Moldova: 0 8000 1527.In Romania: and the website of our partner, the Romanian National Council for Refugees: Slovakia:

For Ukrainian Jews, JDC has launched a centralized Chesed hotline in Israel with Russian- speaking volunteers for incoming and outgoing calls. The hotline phone number above serves both people in Ukraine and relatives in other countries. It is staffed by Russian, Hebrew and English speakers. Hotline phone number +380-947-111-104