The Real Need Campaign

The Real Need Campaign

What is the Real Need Campaign?

The Real Need Campaign is funded by donors inspired to help people in real need, like older adults losing their homes, children who are hungry, and young adults suffering from crippling anxiety and depression.

Together we can strengthen our community and set an example for future generations.

Please join the JF&CS Real Need Campaign and help the people in our community who need it most.

These are real people with real needs. They need real solutions. Call Amanda La Kier at 770.677.9454 or email

The Real Need Campaign

David is 9. His last full meal was 3 months ago.

His adopted parents abandoned him after they were evicted, and left David to fend for himself on the streets of Atlanta.

The Real Need Campaign

Merle is 82. He hasn't had a visitor in months.

He is widowed and his two children reside out of state. He also can't afford to live in a retirement community.

Hunger. Poverty. Crippling mental illness.

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Real Recipients of Your Support

These are your community members who had real needs. Your support helped them overcome their challenges.


Real Support for Real Needs

Thank you to following community members who have stepped up to join the campaign.