The Real Need Annual Campaign

The Real Need Annual Campaign

Support the Real Need Annual Campaign

What is the Real Need Annual Campaign?

Since 1891, JF&CS has helped people in need — but the need is greater than ever before and our capacity relies on your support.

During this unprecedented time, JF&CS has expanded our programs and services to be there for those in Real Need at all times and stages of life. We are here to serve everyone regardless of ability to pay.

Your gift enables JF&CS to grow and meet the dynamic, critical needs of our community — like those of Sarah.

For questions, contact Jessica Yonatan at 770.677.9364 or email

The Real Need Annual Campaign

Merle is 92.

He hasn't had a visitor since March.

Because of COVID-19, high-risk seniors are more isolated than ever before, unable to see family and friends and afraid of leaving their homes. JF&CS was able to support Merle with phone reassurance calls, virtual social activities, food deliveries, and transportation to medical appointments.

But there are others like Merle who need our help.

The Real Need Annual Campaign

Jen was about to start a new job and a new life with her teenage daughter.

Then the pandemic hit, and her new job evaporated.

She lost her apartment, and she and her daughter had to move to a motel. Jen worked with our career specialist and when a job came open, she landed the job with full-time with benefits. “She is fabulous, and we are delighted to have her,” said her new employer. Jen is now on her way to financial independence and security.

Hunger. Poverty. Crippling mental illness.

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The Real Need Annual Campaign

Due to coronavirus, Rachel and her son found themselves in a dire situation and didn’t have enough to eat.

As one of the newest employees at her job, she was laid off and soon couldn’t afford enough food.

JF&CS was able to provide her with some immediate support for her and her son through our food pantry and with financial assistance. Her situation is now more stable, but there are many other moms like Rachel who live with food and shelter insecurities.

Support the Real Need Annual Campaign